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June 1, 2015

Highlights of the May 2015 Decrees of the Holy Synod

In the week before the Holy Feast of Pentecost, the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church and its subcommittees convened to discuss various issues facing the Church. A summary of all the decrees may be found at CopticWorld via this link. Some notable highlights: The Resurrection Reenactment In the Rite of the Divine Liturgy for the Glorious Feast of our Lord’s Resurrection, there is a “Resurrection Reenactment” in which the curtain of the Holy – …

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August 17, 2013

Official Statement of the Church on the Torching of over Fifty Churches

The Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt is following closely the unfortunate incidences occurring in our nation and confirms its strong stance with the Egyptian law enforcement, the armed forces, and all civil Egyptian institutions in confronting violent armed organizations and dark malicious forces, both internal and external. The attacks on our government entities and peaceful churches are terrorizing our citizens both Coptic and Muslim. These actions stand against all religions, morality, and humanity. We value – …

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