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Document for the Establishment of the Diocese of Los Angeles, Southern California and Hawaii

As the number of our Coptic Orthodox Churches in the USA has vastly increased, and they have become in great need of bishops to pastor them and oversee their ministry; and as the ministry in the region of Los Angeles has grown considerably, and the number of its churches and priests had increased, and as it has become adequate to become a diocese, extending to Honolulu, thus we have seen fit to send a Bishop to pastor it, and we have selected for this purpose:

His Grace Bishop Serapion who was nominated by the priests and congregation of Los Angeles, after they had learned of his virtues, and because he pastorally cared for the Bishopric of Public, Ecumenical and Social Services very successfully over a period of ten years, since his ordination in 1985.

Therefore we have installed him Bishop over this diocese, in the presence of over fifty bishops, and his title now reads:

Bishop of Los Angeles, Southern California and Hawaii

This diocese currently includes the following churches: St. Mark Church and St. Mary Church in Los Angeles, St. George Church in Bellflower, Archangel Michael Church in Orange County, St. Athanasius Church in the San Fernando Valley, St. John the Beloved Church in Covina, St. Mercurious (Abu-Seffein) and St. Abraam Church in Torrance, St. Mina Church in Riverside, Archangel Michael Church in Ventura, St. Abanoub Church in Corona, Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Santa Monica, St. Demiana Church in San Diego, and St. Mary Church in Victorville. Also included in the diocese are: Palmdale, Bakersfield, and all Southern California, reaching to Hawaii.

His Grace Bishop Serapion has become Bishop of this diocese, and has become the head of its priests. Within his priestly authority now is the ordination of priests and deacons, at all of their ranks, as well as to promote them, and to hold them accountable. He may consecrate churches, altars, baptismal fonts, and icons, as well as any altar utensils. He may also manage the affairs of the Churches within his diocese pastorally, financially, and administratively, and may form church boards and head them. He may organize church education, social services, and all that is connected with his churches.

We send him to you our beloved children with several of the Church’s bishops, for his installment. We call you to treat him as children treat their fathers, with all obedience and submission, and with all respect to his priesthood. Co-operate with him in all that he does for the Church in terms of order, placing before you the words of the saints, “Blessings descend upon those who are obedient.”

May God of Heaven, the Lord of the Church, assist you with His Holy Spirit and the work of His Grace, and may we always hear good news regarding you.

Pope Shenouda III
Pope of Alexandria, and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark

Signatures of the bishops who performed the installation:

We have installed our beloved brother, His Grace H.G. Bishop Serapion, on his throne, in his diocese in Los Angeles, U.S.A. Dated this twenty-third day of December 1995 A.D. (the thirteenth day of Kiahk, 1712 A.M.)


H.G. Bishop Sarapamon, Bishop and Head of the Anba Pishoy Monastery
H.G. Bishop Hedra, Bishop of Aswan
H.G. Bishop Matteos, Bishop and Head of the Monastery of Sorian
H.G. Bishop Rueiss, General Bishop
H.G. Bishop Youssef, Bishop of Southern U.S.A.
H.G. Bishop Karas, Bishop and Head of St. Antony Monastery in California

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

August 11, 2012