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Reading is one of the most important activities an Orthodox Christian can do, for it is through reading and meditation that many find God and strengthen their relationship with Him. Reading the Holy Scripture along with the interpretations of the great Early Church Fathers, such as St. Athanasius, St. Cyril of Alexandria, St. John Chrysostom, and St. Severus of Antioch helps a Christian to discern the Wisdom and Will of God in his life.

For this reason, the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles is quite active in publishing books and educational materials, especially on the topic of the Early Church Fathers and patristic exegesis of the Holy Scripture. The publishing arm of the Diocese is the St. Paul Brotherhood Press, which has as its Editor-in-Chief and spiritual guide, His Grace Bishop Serapion. In addition, His Grace is aided by Fr. Ishak Azmy Boulos, Fr. John Paul Abdelsayed, Fr. Moses Samaan, and many servants who take the blessing of preparing useful, spiritual, and Orthodox materials for publishing and distribution.

Here are some of the recent publications:

Sunday Readings of Kiahk

This book contains excerpts from patristic writings on the Sunday Gospels of the fourth blessed month of the Coptic Church year. In addition, the book features several commentaries and notes on the Coptic lectionary to enhance the believer’s understanding and appreciation of depth of the rites of the Church.
$5.00 ea. or $4.00 ea. for 20+ copies

The Strong Saint Abba Moses

This book is a compilation of original writings about the Strong Saint Abba Moses (or St. Moses the Black or Ethiopian). 50 pages.
$5.00 ea. or $3.00 ea. for 20+ copies

The Great Lent

Volume II of the Treasures of the Fathers of the Church series, which offers readers a rich treasure of patristic writings on the Great Lent. Also included in this volume is a series of three articles containing an introduction to the spirituality of the Great Lent, a liturgical history of its customs and rites, and a general overview of its Sunday gospel readings.
$15.00 ea. or $12.00 ea. for 20+ copies

The Feast of the Cross

A compilation of ancient writings, including historical accounts relating to the discovery of the Cross by ancient church historians, theological and biblical meditations on the Cross by the Fathers of the Church, and special catechetical homily of St. Cyril of Jerusalem. 160 pages.
$15.00 ea. or $12.00 ea. for 20+ copies

The Glorious Feast of the Nativity (Treasures of the Church Fathers)

A collection of patristic sermons on the Holy Feast of the Nativity. 175 pages.
$10.00 ea. or $8.00 ea. for 20+ copies

The Holy Pascha (Treasures of the Church Fathers)

This book features sayings of the Church Fathers on the readings of the Holy Week and brief commentary on the rites and traditions of the Holy Pascha week in the Coptic Orthodox Church. 500 pages.
$12.00 ea. or $10.00 ea. for 20+ copies

The Feast of the Resurrection (Treasures of the Church Fathers)

Patristic commentaries and contemplations on the Feast of the Glorious Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. 128 pages.
$9.00 ea. or $7.00 ea. for 20+ copies

Peace be with You All! (Treasures of the Church Fathers)

A homily on the Feast of the Glorious Resurrection by St. Augustine. 18 pages.
$3.00 ea. or $2.00 ea. for 20+ copies

Many of these books may be ordered directly through the St. Paul Brotherhood website at this link.

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

July 20, 2012