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Clergy Theological Seminars

Since 2005, the Diocese of Los Angeles has hosted theological seminars at the Coptic Village in Big Bear for the clergy of the Diocese with special guest lecturer, Protopresbyter George Dion. Dragas, professor of patristics at Holy Cross Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, MA, and others.

The themes throughout the years thus far have included “The Holy Spirit in the Writings of Saint Athanasius and Saint Cyril,” “Bible Study According to Saint Athanasius and Saint Cyril,” “Comparing the Rites of the Divine Liturgy in the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Byzantine Orthodox Church,” and “The Holy Trinity in the Writings of the Fathers,” among others.

Generally speaking, the special guest lecturer or one of the Diocese clergy also speaks at a general youth meeting the Friday after the seminar to give the youth a taste of theological learning and its beauty.

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

July 25, 2012