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Arabic Youth Ministry

Arabic speaking youth oftentimes feel uncomfortable at the English speaking youth meetings. Many churches desired to have a second youth group held in Arabic to accommodate them. It was presumed that these groups were temporary but the ongoing influx of new young immigrants will make them necessary for a long time to come. There is at least one such weekly meeting in a church in each of the four regions of the Diocese.

The gathering usually resembles meetings they were used to in Egypt with an added dimension of discussion of issues and problems they face in the new country. There is always a social hour after the meeting where they make connections with one another for social support.

This group looks at the Church in a similar way that the immigrants of the 1970’s did. They need help in many aspects of establishing a new life in a new and different land. Several churches are organizing services to help them. This, however, needs a great deal of time, energy, knowledge and in some cases monetary assistance to help the newcomers stand on their feet.

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

July 23, 2012