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Saint Monica Family Education Committee (FEC)


The goal of this committee is to serve the families of the Diocese as St. Monica did, through diligent prayers and faithful teachings, so that they may grow in practical knowledge, in wisdom, in faith, in purity, and build a strong relationship with God and with each other.

Who is Saint Monica?

The patron saint of this committee, founded in December 2006, is Saint Monica. Without a doubt, it was her faithfulness, patience, and virtue that won the respect and favor of her violent husband, her critical mother-in-law, and her wayward son. The Lord answered her faithful and persistent prayers for her family, converting her husband, who was once pagan, abusive, and adulterous. Similarly, her son, who once followed the heresy of Manichaeism and lived in fornication, repented, turned to the Lord Jesus Christ, and became Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo.

Current Committee Membership

  • His Grace Bishop Serapion
  • Hegumen Father Gawargious Kolta
  • Hegumen Father Michael Gabriel
  • Father James Soliman
  • Father Mina Girgis
  • Father David Abdelsayed
  • Father Moses Samaan
  • Dr. Nabil Baky
  • Dr. Nabil Soliman
  • Dr. Yusri Armanious
  • Dr. Dina Zayat


The vision and mission of the Family Education Committee, proposed by His Grace Bishop Serapion, consists of seven main areas.

Pre-Marital Couples Retreat

  • For couples preparing themselves for the Sacrament of Marriage
  • Two retreats per year at St. Maurice & St. Verena Coptic Village
  • Second weekends of January and June of each year
  • Six sessions, discussing the following eight topics
    • Building a Strong Spiritual Life
    • Understanding Your Partner
    • Communication
    • Other Relationships
    • Managing Finances
    • Roles
    • Purity
    • Intimacy
  • Lectures to be given by Fr. Gawargious Kolta

Newlywed couples Retreat

  • For newly married couples (less than five years)
  • To discuss issues of marriage and adjustment issues
  • Led by Dr. Yousry Armanious and Dr. Nabil N. Soliman
  • Fourth weekends of January and June of each year

Marital Enrichment Retreat

  • For couples married over five years
  • Led by Dr. Yousry Armanious and Dr. Nabil N. Soliman
  • Focuses on how to deepen marriage and better raise children
  • Fourth week of January each year

Clergy Counseling Seminar

  • A educational retreat for priests interested in learning more about counseling
  • Led by Fr. James Soliman


  • A central library for servants, church libraries & bookstores, and seminar attendants.
  • Will begin with a bibliography of recommended books, family/children movies, etc.
  • Future location in St. Maurice & St. Verena Coptic Village


  • Pamphlets and Books
  • Lectures of courses on CD
  • Website, including monthly articles

Practical Application

  • Assistance for planning wedding receptions

Specialized Counseling Centers

  • To help solve family issues via professional mental health counseling
  • Will be conducted outside of the churches for privacy

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

June 30, 2009