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February 13, 2018

Treasures of the Fathers: Prophecies of Tuesday of the First Week of the Great Fast

In this series, we will read the Holy Scripture with the Church through the lens of the Holy Fathers who lived the Scripture and bequeathed their inspired interpretations to later generations for their edification and spiritual growth. Isaiah 1:19–2:3 And if ye be willing, and hearken unto me, ye shall eat the good things of […] The post Treasures of the Fathers: Prophecies of Tuesday of the First Week of the Great Fast appeared first – …

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November 26, 2015

International Patristic Conference in Moscow

From November 18-20, delegates of ACTS participated in the International Patristic Conference hosted by the Ss. Cyril and Methodius Theological Institute of Post-Graduate Studies in Moscow. The subject of the third international conference was “St. John Cassian and the Monastic Traditions of the Christian East and West.” His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion, rector of the school, opened the conference with his lecture. H.E. reminded the audience of the two previous conference dedicated to examining  Isaac the Syrian and Simeon – …

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October 23, 2013

Five Ways of Repentance

Let me describe to you five ways of repentance; each is different, but all point toward heaven. (1) Acknowledgement of Sins The first road is the acknowledgment of sins.  If you acknowledge your sins to God, He will forgive you; and this act of acknowledgment will help you stop sinning.  Let your conscience be your accuser, so that you will not have to face a far different accuser at the Lord’s tribunal. (2) Forgetting the – …

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June 20, 2013

Summer Course in Theological Fathers (June 25-August 8, 2013)

With the blessing and support of our blessed father, His Grace Bishop Serapion, we joyfully announce the first summer course for the Diocese in Theological Studies. This course will begin next week (Tuesday June 25) and extend to the beginning of August on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-5 pm at St. Maurice. This course is designed for serious servants seeking advanced theological studies. We hope this will extend to a full theological studies in the Fall – …

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August 17, 2012

On the Resurrection of Lazarus

A man was raised up by Him who made man: for He is the only One of the Father, by whom, as you know, all things were made. And if all things were made by Him, what wonder is it that one was raised by Him, when so many are daily brought into the world by His power? It is a greater deed to create men than to raise them again from the dead. Yet – …

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