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Christ the Good Shepherd American Coptic Orthodox Church is an Orthodox Christian Community in Long Beach, California, established in March 2017 with a mission to learn from the poor and attain the blessings of serving Christ Himself in those in need, His Brethren.

Our Mission

To shepherd the brokenhearted towards Christ’s healing Love, to tend to His flock, to extend a hand as we walk the path of life together.

Our Vision

To be a home for healing, a refuge for the broken, a family to the lonely. A place where His Love restores, replenishes and revives our souls. To be the Church, as Christ intended it to be.

His Eminence Metropolitan Serapion had the vision of establishing a church and community Center reaching those who are marginalized and seek healing. Just as Christ healed the blind man first before preaching to him we too seek to serve those who are broken and find healing together in Christ our Lord.

Our schedule is on the website We alternate between Liturgy of the word on a given Sunday and a full Divine Liturgy on the next.

Fr. Lazarus Yassa
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