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Serve Part-Time as an English Teacher in Upper Egypt

El Quosia is a province of Assiut in Upper Egypt which lies 325 km south of Cairo. It is a poverty-stricken province where employment, clean water, electricity, good education, and health care are scarce. Approximately more than three quarters of the population live with an income that places them at or below the poverty line. (The poverty line represents an income of 200 L.E. per month, roughly $40 U.S. Dollars)

Since His Grace Bishop Thomas came to El Quosia in 1988, he has had a vision to advance the community and people through education and the development of skills. Besides ongoing spiritual activities, His Grace has implemented many skills training programs for youth to facilitate their growth academically and practically as well. One of His Graces’ many accomplishments is the establishment of a private Coptic school called St. Mena Language School. This school opened in 1994 in an effort to provide a higher standard of education for all the children of Quosia. He is also a strong advocate for girls’ education. He recently founded ‘Axia’ (meaning ‘worthy’) which is a program with the mission of empowering girls through education and skills training.

Service Opportunity

Under the joint auspices of His Grace Bishop Serapion and His Grace Bishop Thomas, St. Mena Language School is inviting volunteers to teach English or other subjects in the English language for one or more semesters. Servants can either be experienced teachers or college youth with minimal experience working with children. All subjects except Arabic and Religion at St. Mena School are taught in English. Potential teachers will be able to choose their subject(s) of interest and will work alongside the current teachers. The academic year schedule for 2009-2010 is as follows: first semester, Sept.27th -Feb.10th and the second semester, Feb.25th -May 20th. Volunteers will have full accommodation (room and board) at the Diocese guest house. This will be a new experience where you can offer your service to others and spend a blessed time in the land where your Coptic Orthodox faith originated.

  • There will also be an opportunity to teach in our adult English courses.Interested volunteers should email H.G. Bishop Thomas one recommendation letter from his/her father of confession and one recommendation letter from H.G. Bishop Serapion.
  • Please contact His Grace Bishop Thomas with any further questions:

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

November 19, 2009