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New Rules for the 2016 Mahragan Al Keraza

Christ is risen! Truly He is Risen!

This year the Keraza 2016 NEW system for testing is changed, we will implement regional Spiritual & Coptic testing this year, THE WEEK OF July 29,30,31 as follows:

  1. We will have 7 regions with 7 proposed test centers (see the proposed structure), so participating churches will have a reasonable driving distance and shorter time at the test centers (our goal is that each church should not spend more than 2 hours at the test center).
  2. PreK-K and 1-2 Grades will be tested orally and the judges will have access to the tests in the assigned test centers and will do the scoring online.
  3. 3-4 Grades, 5-6 Grades, and adults will answer written tests online (as teams).
  4. The test centers will be required to provide testing rooms for oral and written tests, and Internet/WIFI connections.
  5. Hymns and memorization will still be recorded at your own church as we did last year.

Please review the proposed structure and the rules page and give us your feedback by Friday, May 13th.

Please email back your feedback.

Thank you,
Alkeraza Committee

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

May 6, 2016