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Car Bomb Kills at Least 21 Outside Alexandria Church

With great sadness, news of the most recent sectarian violence against Coptic Christians reached the Diocese of Los Angeles this evening.

At least seven people when a car bomb exploded outside St. Mark and St. Peter the Seal of Martyrs Coptic Church in Sidi Beshr, Alexandria. The explosion of the car bomb coincided with the faithful leaving church after services for the New Year. The Egyptian Interior Ministry currently estimates seven dead and twenty-four injured, but there is significant likelihood those numbers will change as rescue crews tend to the victims of this senseless violence.

In response to this tragic event, His Grace Bishop Serapion issued a statement in Arabic for Logos TV, which will be posted here shortly. Also, His Grace has indicated that all churches in the Diocese should restrict their New Year and Christmas celebrations to prayer and spiritual activities only.

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

January 1, 2011