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Archdeacon Mark Soliman is a prominent figure in the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles. Serving under the guidance of His Eminence Metropolitan Serapion, Archdeacon Mark is deeply committed to his spiritual work and community engagement. He is well-known for his passion in engaging and connecting with young adults across the diocese and through the Coptic Clubs at various universities. This reflects his dedication to inspiring and guiding the next generation in their spiritual journey.

Furthermore, Archdeacon Mark is a frequent speaker at numerous meetings and retreats, demonstrating his deep commitment to the Coptic Orthodox faith and his talent for inspiring and enlightening others through his thoughtful reflections and insights.

While based at the St. Paul Coptic American Church in Irvine, California, his influence extends far beyond his immediate community, touching the lives of many across the diocese.

In addition to his religious service, Archdeacon Mark has a distinguished academic and professional background in finance. He specializes in financial reporting information, trading strategies, capital markets, debt ratings, and voluntary disclosure, particularly regarding non-GAAP earnings. His depth of expertise is a testament to his roles at renowned institutions such as the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Foster School at the University of Washington.

Through his spiritual and professional life, Archdeacon Mark Soliman embodies a unique blend of spiritual guidance, academic rigor, and practical financial expertise. His leadership, both within the church and in the secular world, makes him an exceptional role model for young adults navigating the complexities of modern life.