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Treasures of the Fathers: Third Sunday of the Holy Fifty Days (Samaritan Woman)

God Tires for Us

In the Gospel lesson the holy evangelist has shown us most abundantly that our Lord Jesus Christ assumed the weakness of the human race…Our Lord Jesus Christ came to the field which holy Jacob had left to his son, Joseph. I do not think that this field was left to Joseph as much as to Christ, whom holy Joseph the patriarch prefigured, for truly the sun and moon adore Him, while all the stars bless Him. For this reason the Lord came to the field in order that the Samaritans, who were longing to claim for themselves the inheritance of the patriarch of Israel, might recognize their owner and be converted to Christ who became the legitimate heir of the patriarch.

Tired from the journey, it says, Jesus was sitting at the well. Notice the difference in the mystery. When He was in the midst of the apostles He rejoiced in the spirit; when He was situated on the mountain He not only consoled them, but revealed to them His own glory; when He was located in Samaria, wearied as He was from the journey, He was sitting at the well. Could the power of God be exhausted? Certainly not. But he was wearied because He could not find the people faithful. Christ was wearied, then, because He recognized no virtue in His people. Today, too, our disobedience wearies Him, as does also our weakness. For we are weak when we do not pursue the tings which are strong and enduring, but follow what is temporal and fleeing. It says indeed: ‘He was sitting at the well,’ but He was not resting, for He could not rest among the Samaritans.

"And it was about the sixth hour," it continues. On the sixth day God formed man out of the dust of the earth, and at the sixth hour He came to visit Samaria in order that the Samaritans might believe in Him and He Himself might begin to rest in them. Then, He might celebrate that true Sabbath of rest and for this reason the Lord was sitting at the well.

"And there came a Samaritan woman to draw water." It is a great mystery. The woman came to the well and found a spring which she did not expect. "The Lord said to her, ‘Give me a drink.’" The Good Lord spontaneously offers Himself to her even though she did not ask it, in order to fulfill that prophesy, "I was ready to be sought out by those who did not ask, I was ready to be found by those who did not seek Me." [Isaiah 65:1] He asks her, even though He intends to give her to drink. He sat at the well so that we might not look for water in a high place; but might draw droughts that are salutary for us from the mountain which surpasses all waters. What is this fountain except our Lord Jesus Christ, to whom it was said, ‘For with You is the fountain of life and in Your light shall we see light." [Ps. 35:9]

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

April 9, 2009