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Theological Dialogue Between the Russian Church and the Coptic Church

Due to the presence of HH the Pope at the Monastery, the Orthodox Russian Delegate headed there on the evening of Thursday, December 16 to meet HH at His papal Residence at the Monastery. His Holiness the Pope received them and discussed matters concerning the Theological dialogue between the two Orthodox families and the Orthodox cooperation at the Ecumenical Councils especially at the World Council of Churches, also the Orthodox Joint responsibilities in confronting the liberty trends of some Modern Christian groups in order to preserve the Apostolic heritage and Christian ethics during today’s world. The issue of HH visit to the Russian Church, invited by HH Patriarch Alexy, was discussed this visit which was postponed since September 2001 due to the world circumstances at that time, HH the Pope agreed on implementing this visit whenever possible, God’s willing.

Photos were taken and they all received HH the Pope’s blessing. On the next day, the Russian delegate visited the Monasteries of St. Pishoi, Surian and Baramous accompanied by H.E. Metropolitan Mar Istasious Matta and Dr. Josef Maurice Faltas who also accompanied them on their way back to Cairo and throughout the whole visit.

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

April 9, 2009