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The New Vision and the Resurrection

The Easter’s Message 2006.

I want to greet you with Easter, which is announcement of the Only Begotten Son’s Glory, after His crucifixion and the defeat of death giving true life for who believe in Him… His Resurrection announced to humans their resurrection in Him to open the door of eternal life for us, to give a clear crossing for Humanity through Him with Him to Eternal Life…then Humans can stand in front of this risen Redeemer, praising Him the praise of Victory.

The Resurrection of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, gave humans: New Vision,

1- New Vision: Resurrection is the Lord’s announcement to the nations about the new man, who is created in righteousness, truth and holiness, with the work of continuation of the Resurrection in Him. As the Lord created Man from dust with the divine breath Adam became a life (Genesis 2: 7) and this blow is continues until now in. The new Man who is created in Jesus Christ (Ephesians 1:2). Through Incarnation and Salvation, the glories Resurrection of Jesus Christ is announcing a new vision for the new Man who is created in Him “I am in you, and you are in Me”. It’s a new Creation, new nature, new vision for the Man’s life. This vision has a few concepts:

a. The relationship between the Lord and the Man: Conciliation with the Lord. He is consoling us to Him for Him, giving us the peace in a new relationship, as beloved sons “I won’t call you slaves but beloved sons”.

b. The relationship between man and himself: It’s how man sees himself as an individuals, for we see our image in Him, so:

We feel Proud

We feel Acceptance and Love

We feel Forgiveness and freedom.

It’s a new image for Man for himself that Resurrection gives us.

c. The relationship between man and the body of Christ: Man has a new family to belong to, finding warmth and support. And it’s the vision for the body of Jesus Christ which fulfills the Identity of man, which strengthens the feelings of security and stability.

d.The relationship between man and his community. This is a vision of Peace, Love and clarification of the Lord’s glory… to tell (the Man) how the Lord dealt with him by giving him holy life which glorified the Lord and testifies to His strength. So, man lives as a peace maker telling the others about the Lord’s glory all his life.

2- Realizing our nature: Man realizes he is a new creation, believing because of changes which happened to the human nature.

The signs of changed nature are:

a. Forgiveness in Jesus:

Through His Resurrection, we have resurrection in our lives, we cannot be defeated by the sin death, and the second death has no strength over us, for Jesus destroyed death by His Resurrection

b. Holiness in Jesus: through the Blood of Jesus and His forgiveness for our sins our heart, mind and the whole being become holy, we have an open door to keep His commitment in our spiritual fight in our lives.

c. Freedom in Jesus: Resurrection is an announcement of break every strength and power of the devil.

Jesus Resurrection is the Man’s freedom and Christ’s announcement of Humanity’s freedom, for the Man took back his freedom as an image of the Lord in Jesus Christ to live forever in the glory of Lord’s sons. So Man becomes free, leading only by the Lord’s Spirit with the only aim being in the eternal life.

So man’s inner energy goes to the glory’s freedom which will be clear in us

So the heart is free to ask the wisdom, understanding and knowledge to grow in righteousness

So the feeling are free to go to the Divine Love to get fulfilled then makes the fruits of the Happiness, Righteousness and peace which is over any mind.

So the Will goes to announce the stability in Jesus Christ which in Him and with Him “I can do every thing in Jesus who is strengthens me.”

d. Unity in Jesus: In Him all the believers in His name are gathered to become the “Lord’s sons” and if we are united in Him through Him, we become one in Him to Him.

So the Man gets united with himself, the natural, time and the universe, so he grows to the fulfillment.

e. Fulfillment in Jesus: For from His fulfillment we got ours… so we get satisfied with Him and in Him till we say with St. Paul “I ask Him to strengthen you by His Spirit not a brut strength but a glorious inner strength that Christ will live in you as you open the door and invite Him in. and I ask Him that with both feet planted irmly on love, you will be able to take in with all Christians the extravagant dimensions of Christ’s Love. Reach out and experience the breadth, test its length plumb the depths rise to the heights live full lives full in the fullness of God.” (Ephesians 3:16-20)

f. Integrity in Jesus: For Jesus is our Fr. and Savior, so we are honored with His glory and integrity in His resurrection

g. Life in Jesus: Is the Eternal Life…for He is the Life and He gives the Life. For He gave us the eternal water in us, so we are not afraid anymore of death, for we have Life which is Jesus.

So we live in Jesus, live by Jesus, Live for Jesus.

3- Praising the Lord: Resurrection gave the disciples happiness for they saw the Lord, and we are happy and our mouths are full of continuous praise because of the Resurrection. Praising is a sign from the signs of the new vision and realizing our selves. We have reasons for our Happiness:

a. We happy with the Lord Himself: For Jesus is our source of Happiness.. We are happy with Him for He is among us now… happy with Him for He’s with us all our days and we are happy with Him inside our hearts.

b. Happy with His true promises.

c. Happy with our living hope: For He is the Hope for the blind, the barren women and leper. He is the Hope for the people who have no hope.

We have hope in the Lord’s love and he never leaves you.

We have hope in the Lord’s wisdom that everything works together for good.

We have hope in the Lord’s Strength, for He gave us the power to over come every power of the devil.

d. Happy with the eternal kingdom: For He’s our resurrection, we happy with His resurrection, for it’s our Guarantee of Eternity.

We will be happy to eat from the tree of life which in the middle of the lord’s paradise.

We will be happy to have the Eternal Life.

We will be happy to eat hidden Manna.

We will be happy to have the white stone and the new name which can’t be known except by those who will have it.

We are happy with His authority over us.

We will happy to wear the white cloths and be written in the Book of Life

We are happy to be foundation stones in the Lord’s temple and never go out

We happy to Live with King of kings and Lord of lords

We will be happy to look at His Throne, and sit with Him on His Throne

We will be happy with the heavenly Jerusalem…. We are happy for the Lord is our Light

We happy to be with Him always

Then our tongues will be full of praise this sign of victory.

May the Lord fill our hearts with heavenly Joy, the praise of angels and the human being, which is created in the image of the Risen Jesus.


Bishop Thomas

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

April 9, 2009