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From the Recommendations of The Committee for the Affairs of the Monasteries

There is an increase in the number of individuals, who pose as monks, and despite being stripped of their monastic order, persist in wearing the monastic garments. Therefore the committee recommends “that the fathers the metropolitans and bishops should make their priests and flock aware that these individuals should not be dealt with nor accepted in the homes. It is also necessary to confirm who the person wearing the monastic or clerical garment really is. Also, donations to projects should not be given, except to individuals whose background is known or are official representatives of a certain ecclesiastical department.” Therefore, the Diocese of Los Angeles is advising her children to confirm the validity of any visiting priest or monk by contacting the Diocese to make sure they are not in violation of any Church laws.

The Diocese is also warning against the monks, who for various reasons reside in homes, especially in the city, for extended periods of time. We would like our children to be aware that, in an attempt to preserve his monastic life, the Church canon laws forbid a monk, under any circumstances, from living by himself in a city home. In cases of illness, a monk is accompanied by a fellow monk; he goes to the city for a specific period of time to receive treatment and then returns to his monastery.

The Holy Synod declared in its meetings on June 21st, 1986 and June 11th, 1989, “that it is not permitted for any family to allow a monk to spend the night in their home. It is best to send him to the nearest church or bishopric building.” It was also declared that “monks, who wander outside their monasteries, and go to homes, should not be accepted since they may cause problems to the family members. Therefore, it is not appropriate to accept monks in the homes, without a written permission from their abbot, the patriarchate, or the diocese from which they are coming.” The same matter applies to those who try to collect donations.

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

April 9, 2009