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Bishop Serapion Congratulates Egyptian People on the Success of June 30 Revolution

The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles, led by His Grace, Bishop Serapion, congratulates the Egyptian people for the historic showing of millions of Egyptian citizens demanding to be heard. It was not a military coup, but rather a popular uprising in which the military implemented the will of the people of Egypt.

Children of the June 30 Revolution“Through the admirable youth efforts and peaceful demonstrations, the will of the people has finally been heard,” said Bishop Serapion. “We are very encouraged because of the role young people played in organizing these millions of people. We look forward to transparent presidential and parliamentary elections, a constitution representing all Egyptians, and the continuation of the democratic process in Egypt.”

“Egypt is facing a lot of challenges which need the work of all Egyptians together without exclusion of any group. Egypt also needs the support of all nations and people who support freedom and justice,” said Bishop Serapion.

Bishop Serapion continued his statement saying, “The Coptic Church here in America continues to pray for the people of Egypt. This is a new day for Egypt. May God bless them as He always has, and continue to protect them in the historic days ahead.”

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Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

July 6, 2013