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Holy Virgin Mary and Saint Pishoy Coptic Orthodox Church was established in 1974. A building was purchased and remodeled in that same year.

From 1974 to 2006, the parish was served by the late Hegumen Father Antonious Henein. Under his stewardship, the congregation of the church was able to build a beautiful church in the traditional Coptic style with the interior icons written by the late Dr. Isaac Fanous, a master of Neo-Coptic iconography.

Among the other priests who have served in this parish are Hegumen Father Antonious Younan Soliman, Hegumen Father Angelos Youssef, Hegumen Father Meina Youssef, and Father James Soliman.

The congregation purchased several houses around the church, which are used for various purposes. In 1981, a senior citizens’ complex was established. The church is active in reproducing Coptic icons written by Dr. Isaac Fanous and publishing a Coptic calendar and several books.

Fr. Meina Albeir Youssef
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Fr. James Soliman
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