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U.S. Representative Gary Peters’ Congressional Record Statement Celebrating the Life of Pope Shenouda III

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to mark the passing and celebrate the life of Coptic Christian Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria.  For more than forty years, Pope Shenouda was the leader of the Coptic Orthodox Church – a denomination with more than ten million followers in Egypt and throughout the world.  As its religious leader, he ensured that the Egyptian Coptic community was, and is, an integral pillar of Egyptian society. We will miss him, especially during this time of political transition in Eqypt, as his voice reminded us of that country’s long history of peace and religious tolerance.  I join the members of Michigan’s Coptic Community and the St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church in my district to mourn the passing of Pope Shenouda.  As President Barack Obama eloquently stated “we will remember Pope Shenouda III as a man of deep faith, a leader of a great faith, and an advocate for unity and reconciliation.” – 158 Cong. Rec. E377

You may download a PDF of the Congressional Record from this link.

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Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

March 21, 2012