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On the Recent Attack on a Coptic Church in Atfih (South Cairo)

Official statement of Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Atfih

Today, the church of El Amir Tadros (St. Theodore), which is located in the Kafer Al-Wasleen village, city of Atfih, has been attacked by hundreds of people who gathered in front of the building after Friday’s services, yelling offensive words and demanding that the church be demolished. They attacked the church and destroyed its contents after beating the Christians who were inside.

Security forces arrived on scene, dispersed the attackers, secured the building and transported the injured to the hospital in Atfih.

It should be noted that these individuals attacked a building that has been holding services for almost fifteen years.

The church had applied to the government through formal channels to have this building recognized as a church in accordance with the law in Egypt that regulates the church building and construction permits.

We pray for calmness and peace in peace in our country.

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

December 23, 2017