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New Parish in South Orange County: St. John Chrysostom American Coptic Orthodox Church

Christ is risen!

It is with much joy that we formally announce the opening of St. John Chrysostom’s American Coptic Orthodox Church in South Orange County! 

Through humility and love, we seek to bring people before Jesus Christ, with the steadfast teachings and life of the True Coptic Orthodox Faith.

Save the Date!  His Eminence Metropolitan Serapion, Bishop of Los Angeles and Metropolitan of Southern California and Hawaii of the Coptic Orthodox Church, will pray the inaugural Holy and Divine Liturgy, on Saturday, July 16, 2016 in Mission Viejo!  Come be a part of this joyous, historical event!  Check out our website and/or Facebook for the address!

Our Parish:  The impetus of the creation of this Parish was the recognition of a heightened need to preserve, practice, and proclaim the Orthodox Christian Faith as the Coptic Orthodox Church continues in diaspora.  As we strive to “’present every man perfect in Christ Jesus,’ (Col. 1:28) by bearing Christ in the world through our Orthodox Christian faith,” the need for a Parish that serves the Southern Orange County community is paramount.  This Parish seeks to serve those in the American community through pastoral care, and while maintaining the Coptic Orthodox Church Tradition and heritage. 

With a heavy emphasis on community, love and education, we seek to bring True Orthodoxy to our community.  The Church is the people, and thus, here at St. John Chrysostom’s, everyone is involved.  While maintaining the tenets of the Ancient Faith, our Parish strives to connect with its people in a true family environment through pastoral care.  Services are in English, while also maintaining the beauty of the Coptic hymns in manner which everyone could participate.  You will pray in a language you understand, but we will learn some of the most cherished Coptic Hymns of our Church. 

Come Join us!  We need you!  Due to the fact that everyone is involved here at St. John Chrysostom’s, we are an active community.  Contact us to help shape our family, and tell us how you could help make our Parish a true beacon of light to our community!  Although still under development, check out our website at, Facebook page, or contact us directly at!

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

May 6, 2016