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Keraza 2011 Hymns Testing Schedule is Now Available

Keraza 2011 Hymns testing will be conducted on Saturday, August 13, 2011.Three centers will be hosting the testing of multiple teams from multiple churches. Each Team will be video recorded at the center with a test conductor present to administer the test. The video file will be scored at a later date by a team of judges to determine the hymns score of the competition. Elementary school participants will be responsible for all audio files posted online (as provided for their grade), including the creation song and the alphabets song (as applicable).
To make the testing pleasant and convenient for all, please arrive promptly on your scheduled appointment. Please allow two hours to complete testing your church teams. After all teams from your church has completed the testing, you are free to leave in peace.

Late arrivals may run the risk of not completing their team testing.
There will be no awards on this day.
The 3 test centers are:
        St. Marina Coptic Orthodox Church
        St. Maurice Coptic Orthodox Church
        St. Peter and St. Paul Coptic Orthodox Church

The schedules are defined per each test center, please confirm that your team is on the list and all your church teams have a time and a location for the test.


2011 Keraza Policies.pdf

Please bring the signed permission slip for each team, allowing the team to be video/audio recorded.  Failure to provide the team permission slip upon arrival to the testing center will result in a delay/cancellation of your team’s test appointment.

Permission to Video and Audio Record Your Child Form.pdf

If there is any discrepancy, please email us at

Alkeraza_2011_Hymns_Testing_Schedule.pdf 383.9 KB
Permission to Video and Audio Record Your Child Form.pdf 321.5 KB
Alkeraza 2011 Hymns Testing Schedule Rev 2.pdf 386.3 KB
Alkeraza 2011 Hymns Testing Schedule Rev 3.pdf 424.9 KB
2011 Keraza Policies.pdf 237.9 KB
Alkeraza_2011_Hymns_Testing_Schedule_Rev_4.pdf 392.7 KB

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

August 7, 2011