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H.G. Bishop Theodosius of Giza Explains the Recent Events in Omraniya

On Wednesday, November 24, Egyptian police violently clashed with Coptic Christians in the neighborhood of Omraniyya, Giza as a result of a dispute over building permits for a Coptic Orthodox Christian community center which the community seeks to convert into a church.

This most recent sectarian violence against Copts has left two students dead, at least 67 injured, and over 150 arrested.

In the videos below, His Grace Bishop Theodosius of Giza narrates the details of the events that led to this bloody clash.

We continue to pray for the peace of the Church, for our leader and archpriest His Holiness Pope Shenouda III and the bishops of the Holy Synod, and for persecuted Christians everywhere.


Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

November 28, 2010