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Diocese Supports Referendum against AB 1266 (“Bathroom Bill”)

The Diocese, through her parishes, supports the effort to overturn a bill recently passed by the California legislature and signed into law by the Governor. This bill, known as ‘AB 1266’ or the ‘Bathroom Bill,’ opens bathrooms, showers and locker rooms at our public schools to the opposite sex. It creates the right of elementary and secondary school students to use sensitive sex-segregated school facilities such as showers, restrooms and locker rooms based on the student’s perceived gender identity rather than their actual sex. In other words, if a student simply feels as though s/he wants to use the shower, restroom, or locker room of the opposite gender, s/he has a right to do so under this bill. It’s the only legislation of this kind to have ever been enacted in the country.

This petition, if enough signatures are gathered, will enable this bill to go on the ballot so we all can vote on it.

We have attached the downloadable forms here. PLEASE carefully follow the instructions, as the acceptance process of these petitions is very specific.


Download the petition, sign it and return it to the address listed on the petition.

Download the Instructions in English

and then


To find out more or for questions, visit

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

October 13, 2013