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Diocese Schedule of Divine Liturgies during the Great Lent

As Orthodox faithful observe the holy Great Lent this year, parish churches throughout the entire diocese have increased celebrations of the Divine Liturgy throughout the week.

As His Grace wrote in the recently released Great Lent publication:

The period of Great Lent is distinctive for its many celebrations of the Divine Liturgy. They become the spiritual treasure for the fasting person to help him throughout the rest of the year. Along with the Divine Liturgy on Sundays, which have specific readings, hymns, and tunes, the Church also arranged special readings for the daily Liturgies during the Great Lent. Also, during the weekdays, there are special hymns that capture the holiness and piety of the period. The Church celebrates the Divine Liturgy almost daily during Great Lent. It is preferred that these Liturgies start late in the day to offer those fasting the opportunity to practice strict abstinence.

Download the attached PDF spreadsheet to find a celebration of the Divine Liturgy near you and take the blessing of this holy season.

Liturgies during the Great Lent 2010.pdf 16.6 KB
Liturgies during the Great Lent 2010.pdf 16.6 KB

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

February 9, 2010