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Diocese Bids Farewell to Hegumen Father Bishoy Gobreial

On Thursday, September 18, the Diocese community gathered under the leadership of our father in Christ, His Grace Bishop Serapion, to bid farewell to the beloved father, Hegumen Bishoy Gobreial, who departed into eternal rest on Sunday, September 14, 2014 at the age of 86.

The funeral service was preceded by the celebration of the Divine Liturgy by His Grace and several diocesan clergy. Afterwards, the funeral service for departed priests commenced with many priests carrying the pure body of Fr. Bishoy on their shoulders to the place of prayer. In the funeral, the entire community lifted their hearts to God and asked Him to repose the pure soul of Fr. Bishoy in the Paradise of Joy, in the bosom of our holy fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. At the conclusion of the funeral service, His Grace delivered a moving homily in Arabic and English celebrating the life and service of Fr. Bishoy.

Afterwards, His Grace, the clergy, and the laity accompanied the pure body to Holy Cross Cemetery where it was buried with prayer, solemnity and great respect.

May the prayers of this departed father aid each and every one of us on the path toward the Kingdom.

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

September 18, 2014