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Coptic Educational Foundation Merit Achievement Award Reception

On August 6 2006 the Coptic Educational Foundation Merit Achievement Award Reception was held at the Marriott Hotel- Los Angeles. His grace Bishop Serapion, Fr. Boulos, Fr. Isaac, Fr. Michael, Fr. Raphael and over 140 guests attended this event. The purpose of the event is to celebrate the accomplishments of the high school seniors and to announce the 10 recipients of the CEF-Merit Achievement Award. The CEF received 21 applications from this award. Each of applicant that was present at the event was recognized and received a small gift as a token of their efforts. In addition, each of the 10 award recipients received an Award Certificate and a check for $2,000 paid to the University that will be attending.

Several speakers talked about various aspects of CEF.
  • Cherif & Nabih Youssef briefed the participants on the status of CEF and listed their last year’s accomplishments
  • Cynthia Colon, shared her remarks on helping high school seniors with their college applications and admission requirements 
  • Georgette Farag talked about the partnership of the Coptic Outreach organization and CEF to offer educational services. She also announced that the Coptic Outreach is offering three Merit Awards in addition to the seven that CEF is offering.
  • Mary Said outlined the Award Selection Process and stated the Selection Criteria for receiving the Merit Achievement Award
  • Dr. Sahar Barsoum gave the commencement speech to all the applicants and their parents.
  • The profile of each of the award recipient was presented by one of the Selection Committee members
  • And finally, his grace Bishop Serapion give the concluding remarks.

Shown below is the list of Award Applicants

Abraam MikhaelSaint MauriceCal State LA
Amy BarsoumSaint MarkLMU
Andrew TadrosSt. Verena & Three Holy Youth Church (COCC)University of the Pacific
Antonious SadekSaint MarkUC Irvine
Barbara Farag HannaSt. MarinaCal Poly Pomona
Daniel HelmySt Peter & St. PaulPomona College
Erene MorcosSt. AthanasiousYale University
Jonathan FinleySt. AbraamUCLA
Joseph FaragYouth CenterUSC
Joseph SeifSaint MarinaUC Irvine
Julie HanaArchangel Michael & GabrielUniversity of the Pacific
Mark HabibArchangel Raphael & St. MinaUC San Diego
Mary NasiefSt. MinaUC San Diego
Mathew MagarSt. GeorgeUC Irvine
Michael Beshir MitrySt. GeorgeUC San Diego
Michael GhobrialSt. AbraamUCLA
Moura MikhaelSaint MauriceCal State LA
Peter GraceSaint GeorgeUCLA
Rebekah FaheemSt. MauriceCal State Fullerton
Sandra HelmyArchangel MichaelUC Irvine
Tracy WassifSaint MauriceUC Irvine

Shown Below is the list of Award Recipients

  • Amy Barsoum
  • Andrew Tadros
  • Antonious Sadek
  • Barbara Farag Hanna
  • Daniel Helmy
  • Erene Morcos
  • Joseph Seif
  • Julie Hana
  • Mathew Magar
  • Sandra Helmy

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

April 9, 2009