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Coptic Congress comes to Claremont

Every four years experts the International Association for Coptic Studies holds a conference in which top scholars throughout the world gather to present their research in Coptic archeology, art, literature, papyrology, monasticism, and other topics. The 11th Congress will be hosted by Claremont from July 25-30, 2016.

The short communications will be presented by the following:

  • His Grace Bishop Martyros. The Scriptoria in the Coptic Monasteries and their Role in Enriching the Art of illuminating Coptic Manuscripts From the 5th Century to the 10th Century
  • Fr. John Paul Abdelsayed. A Reexamination of the Coptic Version of the Anaphora of St. Mark (later attributed to St. Cyril of Alexandria)
  • Ms. Elizabeth (Lisa) Agaiby. A Codicology of the Oldest Extant Manuscript Containing the Arabic Lives of Antony the Great and Paul the First Hermit.
  • Fr. Youstos Alorshalemy. Document 25 of Deir el Sultan, Old City in Jerusalem
  • Fr. Taddaeus Ava Mena. The tomb of St. Mena in the past, present and future
  • Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Bolman. The Red Monastery Church: Beauty and Asceticism in Upper Egypt
  • Fr. Bigoul El Suriany. New biographical data on Pope John XIII
  • Fr. Maximous El Antony. Coptic Heritage in the Digital Age
  • Prof. Dr. Stephen Emmel. The Shenoute Editing Project
  • Mrs. Mary Farag. Narrative Visions of Church Consecrations as Interpretations of Ecclesial Space
  • Dr. Gawdat Gabra. Saint Ammonius of Tuna: A Case Study in Coptology
  • Dr. Lillian Larsen. Early Monastic Education: Text and Context
  • Dr. Mark Moussa. Sensible Expectations: Spiritual Direction in Shenoute’s Discourses
  • Fr. Angelos Rofaiel. Coptic literature in Ethiopia
  • Dr. Saad Michael Saad. Claremont Coptic Encyclopedia
  • Prof. D. Mark Sheridan. New folios of Rufus of Shotep: The wandering pages of a manuscript in the 18th and 19th centuries
  • Dr. Stephen Shoemaker. The Virgin Mary as a Power from Heaven: A Peculiar Marian Tradition in an Early Homily on the Theotokos attributed to Cyril of Jerusalem
  • Fr. Anthony St. Shenouda. The Arrow Prayer in the Coptic Tradition
  • Mr. Hany N. Takla. St. Shenouda the Archimandrite Coptic Society: A 36-year Journey
  • Mr. Hany N. Takla. An Unknown fragment of Sahidic Exodus in Van Kampen Collection in Florida
  • Prof. Janet Timbie. Symptoms as Signs: The Interpretation of Illness in Shenoute, Canon 8
  • Dr. Gertrud J.M. van Loon. Wall paintings at Dayr Anba Hadra, Aswan
  • Ms. Mirna Wasef. Internment of the Pope: The Coptic Community During Sadat’s Egypt
  • Prof. Youhanna N. Youssef. Liturgical texts relating to Suriel
  • Dr. Ewa Zakrzewska. How to SPEAK in Coptic?

Plenary papers will be presented by the following scholars on these subjects:

  • Coptic archeology (2012–2016): Elisabeth O’Connell
  • Coptic linguistics (2012–2016): Chris Reintges
  • Coptic art, including museology (2012–2016): Dominique Bénazeth
  • Coptic literature (2012–2016): Mark Sheridan
  • Copto-Arabic studies (2008–2016): Mark Swanson
  • Gnosticism and Manichaeism in Egypt (2012–2016): Jean-Daniel Dubois
  • Coptic Bible (2008–2016): Anne Boud’hors
  • Egyptian monasticism (2012–2016): David Brakke
  • Coptic documentary papyrology (2012–2016): Malcolm Choat
  • Coptic epigraphy (2004–2016): Alain Delattre
  • Coptic history and historiography (2008–2016): Alberto Camplani

For a complete list of presentations and to REGISTER, please see

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Posted by Fr. Michael Fanous

April 10, 2016