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Biographies of the Candidates for the 118th Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria

Age: 54, Born in Cairo, Egypt, 1958

Education: M.D., Ayn Shams University, Pope Shenouda III Seminary Graduate.

Ordination: A monk at Paramous monastery in 1990 under the name of Fr. Yostos,

Ordained a General Bishop in 1997.

Profession: Medical Doctor

Prior Name: Michael Aryan Halim

Age: 60, Born in Mansor, Egypt – 1952

Education: Pharmacy Degree, Alexandria University, Seminary School Degree

Fellowship with International Health Institute, England.

Ordination: Ordained a monk in St. Pishoy Monastery 1988, and a General Bishop 1997

Profession: General Manager, Governmental Pharmaceutical manufacture, Damanhour

Prior Name: Wagih Sobhy Baky Soliman

Age: 70, Born in Cairo, Egypt – 1942

Education: Law Degree, Ayn Shams University

Ordination: Ordained a monk in 1969, 43 years.

Profession: Chosen as a personal deacon for HH Pope Cyril VI after graduation

Prior Name: Raphael Sobhy Tawfik

Age: 53, Born in Cairo, Egypt – 1959

Education: B.S. Biology, Ayn Shams University

Ordination: Ordained a monk in 1993, 19 years.

Profession: Research Lab in an American Medical Unit in Egypt

Prior Name: Aziz Ghaly Sabry Aziz

Age: 49, Born in Aswan, Egypt – 1963

Education: B.S. Science & Education

Ordination: Ordained a monk in 1992, 20 years.

Profession: Math Teacher

Prior Name: Maged Makram Saleh Lawendy

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

October 19, 2012