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Axios! The Ordination of Fr. George Aziz

On Sunday, February 10, 2013, Fr. George Aziz was ordained as a general priest for the Diocese by His Grace Bishop Serapion and His Eminence Metropolitan Hedra of Aswan at St. Mina Church in Riverside.

The blessed day began with the consecration of the main Altar of the church, which was recently completed. In the prayer of consecration, our fathers the bishops invoked the Holy Spirit to bless the Altar and set it apart for The Lord as a source of blessing and holiness.

Afterwards, the Divine Liturgy commenced with the ordination of the new priest after the Prayer of Reconciliation. The congregation joyfully proclaimed Deacon John worthy of the grace and rank of the priesthood before the bishops laid their hands on him. Afterwards, Bishop Serapion clarified that Fr. George, as a general priest, would serve the parish of St. George the New Martyr in Hemet for a time after he completes his 40 days of fasting and prayer at St. Antony Monastery in Yermo, CA.

Apart from our fathers the bishops, all or part of this blessed event was attended by Father Gawargious Kolta, Fr. Shenouda Ghattas, Fr. Augustinos Hanna, Fr. Macarius Shehata, Fr. Abraam Ayoub, Fr. Daniel Habib, Fr. Lazarus Yassa, and Fr. Moses Samaan.

We pray that God may grant Fr. George the fruit of the Holy Spirit and continue to bless the service in our Christ-loving diocese.

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

February 10, 2013