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Glory to God!

This website is the official Internet presence of the Diocese under the direct supervision and blessing of His Grace Bishop Serapion.

The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles launched the latest iteration of with a new content management system, design, and methodology in September 2015.

The website is powered by the WordPress content management system with implementation and design executed by Fr. Moses Samaan.


The icon of Christ the Teacher used in the header was written by Dr. Stéphane René, one of the leading exponents of the Neo-Coptic school of iconography. He is the disciple of the late, great master, Dr. Isaac Fanous. He is available to write beautiful and theologically accurate icons for parishes and individuals through his website,

Several portions of the site relating to the Coptic Orthodox Church were adapted from His Grace Bishop Youssef’s excellent introduction at the Diocese of the Southern United States website.

Several portions of the site relating to diocesan ministries come from the book, The Making of a Diocese, by Dr. Elhami Khalil, which was published by the Diocese in 2008.

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

July 26, 2012