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2007 Youth Spiritual Competition Results

Over 500 students, ranging from junior high to college age, competed at this year’s diocese-wide Youth Spiritual Competition, held August 25 at Saint George Coptic Orthodox Church. Saint Mark Church (Los Angeles) took home first place for the college competition, Saint Marina Church, Team 2 (Irvine) won for high school, and Saint Mary Magdalene Church (Palm Springs) earned first place at the junior high level.

Winning second place in the college category was Saint Marina Church (Irvine). Saint Mark Church (Los Angeles) took the second place spot for high school while Saint Verena & the Three Holy Youth Church earned second place for the junior high category.

Third place spots went to Saint Athanasius Church (Northridge) for college, Saint John Church, (Covina) for high school, and Saint George Church, Bellflower (Team 3) for junior high.

*A full list of the winners is provided below.

College Group
1st place: Saint Mark Church
2nd place: Saint Marina Church
3rd place: Saint Athanasius Church

College Individual
1st place: Nardine Azer (Saint Mark Church)
2nd place: Sandra Khalil (Saint Mark Church)
3rd place: Joseph Seif (Saint Marina Church)

High School Group
1st place: Saint Marina Church, Team 2
2nd place: Saint Mark Church
3rd place: Saint John Church

High School Individual
1st place: Monika Shenouda (Saint Mark Church)
2nd place: Joey Elmasri (Saint Marina Church)
3rd place: Elizabeth Elsanadi (Saint Marina Church)

Junior High Group
1st place: Saint Mary Magdalene Church
2nd place: Saint Verena & the Three Holy Youth
3rd place: Saint George Church, Bellflower – Team C

Junior High Individual
1st place: Michael Hanna(Saint Peter and Saint Paul Church)
2nd place: Mariam Guirguis (Saint Verena Church)
3rd place: Rachel Elsanadi (Saint Marina Church)

Posted by Fr. Moses Samaan

April 9, 2009